Let’s see how ChatGPT can make you profit in 10 ways. Here’s what this article contains:

Since ChatGPT went public last November, our company has taken a big step forward in AI-based technology.

For those unfamiliar with ChatGPT, here’s what Wikipedia says about it: “ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot prototype developed by OpenAI specialized in dialogue. The chatbot is a large language model developed with the machine, supervised and reinforcement learning techniques. It is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 intelligence model, an improved version of GPT-3.”


At the end of November, OpenAI released ChatGPT, a new AI tool that can tell stories, answer questions, and write code.

If you are wondering what ChatGPT is, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot prototype developed by OpenAI and specialized in dialogue. The chatbot is a large language model developed with supervised learning and reinforcement techniques.

The company recently presented ChatGPT for a public test, along with its wide range of uses, thanks to the latest generation of artificial intelligence innovations.

OpenAI claims that researchers have trained Chat OpenAI Italiano to interact with users in a “conversational” way, making it accessible to a wider group of people.

According to OpenAI, the AI chatbot helps businesses and has the potential to take on some roles traditionally filled by humans, such as copywriting, answering customer service inquiries, writing journalistic reports and creating legal documents, which will make human beings more willing to focus on some critical areas.

There are several ways that ChatGPT will help you make money and earn. But let’s start in order.


Using ChatGPT is quite simple and, for the moment, totally free. If you want to start using this tool, follow these few steps:

1 Access the di;
2 Sign in with your email or Google account (recommended);
3 Click on dark mode if you want a dark layout, or keep the classic one;
Click on + new chat. The interface is only in English, but the tool is also in Italian;
In the bottom bar, enter your instructions or questions for ChatGPT in English.

From now on, the interaction with ChatGPT will take place in the same way you chat with some of your friends on social networks. You can click on + new chat at any time to open a new chat.

On the left side of the screen, you can access a history of concluded chats at any time.


Below you can find the list of 19 methods you can use to make money with ChatGPT. Since this technology is quite recent, I will update this list on a weekly basis.

Here’s how GPT can make you money by answering some questions – even complex ones.


OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT made the rounds on the web, and for a reason.

Using ChatGPT, brands can save time and energy that would otherwise be spent training their chatbot on industry-related questions.

Since ChatGPT already possesses these skills, it can immediately provide customers with detailed answers on a particular industry or domain.

Thanks to some positive features, Chat OpenAI will help you make money in business.

You could also use this tool to manage your social networks, create posts, and automate some otherwise time-consuming tasks.


ChatGPT has been trained to be a generic application.

You can use it for something as specific as a particular business sector, but few people have the time and resources to train it. However, being able to teach ChatGPT could be useful for solving specific use cases.

Obviously, in this case, the only limit is your imagination as there are millions of use cases to which this tool could be applied and with which to make money. Some ideas?

  • Virtual gym trainer
  • Virtual Receptionist;
  • Virtual customer service;
  • Virtual Personal Chef;
  • Virtual Travel Agent;
  • virtual assistant;
  • virtual text corrector;
  • Virtual translator;
  • Virtual web developer.

I could go on with this list, but maybe it’s best to stop here. Of course, we must remember that this tool still has its limits and will also have them in the future.


Though ChatGPT is a great tool to process unrivaled knowledge and leverage it with human-like conversations, APIs that connect with other relevant systems are required to act on these conversations.

Payment systems, marketing platforms, and commerce platforms are key to this tool’s integrations with CRM systems.

Many businesses have had success implementing an out-of-the-box integration ecosystem with leading platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, Zendesk, Razorpay, PayU, and more to offer support.

Without these integrations, the payback of a tool like ChatGPT is hard to justify. At the moment I have seen several people integrate it with eCommerce and SEO tools, to create product descriptions and keyword research automatically.

Do you know that with ChatGPT you can increase your sales? I’ll explain how to do it.


In conversational AI, knowing the right question is just as important as the correct answer, especially if you want to sell a product.

Customer questions can seem endless and difficult to categorize when a brand builds its first chatbot.

However, ChatGPT, combined with Haptik’s “smart skills” identifies and builds out-of-the-box conversation streams for the key use cases customers need to connect with the brand, making this process much more simple.

Imagine the time and money savings that a tool of this type could give you. Using such a tool in a sales funnel could help you increase your income.


If you work online, you know how important keyword research is in any area involving quality content and SEO. ChatGPT will make this task easier for you, by doing the work for you.

With a simple line of text, you can request a list of keywords for a specific topic. Think how easy it will be to create a site with WordPress or write an article with this tool.

Obviously, I recommend that you also use specialized tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush together with ChatGPT, in order to have concrete and above all updated results, since ChatGPT does not accept current data.

You’ll make money by saving the cost of an SEO for your keyword research, or by reselling this service to a third party.


This is a sector that is literally exploding, even if many have not noticed it. Browser extensions are indeed a solid business that will grow in the future.

Furthermore, almost all browsers accept the same extension, so you won’t have to create one for Chrome, one for Firefox, one for Edge and one for Opera, but you can use the same one on any browser.

ChatGPT is capable of creating almost any type of extension and your only limit will be your imagination. Find the right idea, create your extension and upload it to paid stores.

Training the different AI models is another way ChatGPT could make you money.


ChatGPT offers some practical benefits to businesses, but one of the best is that it has the existing starting data to build a bot.

Using its deep learning, Chat OpenAI captures the different ways customers might phrase questions, so brands don’t have to add a variety of query variations to their bots.

Thanks to Haptik’s recommendations and AI feedback loops, chatbots can continue to augment data until they become self-learning.

This includes improving existing chatbots, making them ever more capable and capable of doing their “job”. On balance, this means increasing your income if you use these bots for commercial purposes.

This way you could have virtual sales or support people at no cost. Not bad, right? You might even find a way to make money by becoming an AI trainer.


So, I don’t recommend using ChatGPT to write content intended for SEO-oriented web pages, because Google can identify the content generated by GPT and will penalize it.

However, this does not happen with eBooks that you can write and publish on Amazon. In fact, writing books with ChatGPT will take less than an hour.

Make sure you do the job step-by-step, though, so you don’t let ChatGPT write what it wants. You will have to give precise, specific information and ensure that the topic discussed is studied in depth.

A problem with this tool is in fact the lack of depth with which some topics are treated.


From neural network coding to simply correcting a code with a query, ChatGPT can answer everything. There are many examples of why the latest model is a potential replacement for Google Search.

Of course, it is not all as rosy as it would seem.

In fact, OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has announced that this tool will not remain free for long and will soon be paid for.

In short, at the moment we do not know how things will evolve and whether, to use this tool, we will have to pay in some way.

Also remember that, for the time being, ChatGPT can create rather simple strings of code, but in the future it will be able to create more and more complex code, making you money with ChatGPT. Certainly, creating and selling web code created with ChatGPT will be a new business.


If you’ve never tried one of these tools before, you should because it’s so much fun.

Also, if you need images or work in online marketing, you could save a lot of money by generating your own images instead of buying them online.

A second way to earn using ChatGPT in combination with other tools in the sector, is to sell photos, images or the graphics of entire websites. The best part is, you won’t have to lift a finger.


One of the coolest things you can make OpenAI ChatGPT do is pretend it’s a fully functional Linux terminal, without having to spend money buying or renting one. You can use Linux commands, create files and directories and much more.

You can even write and compile code inside the terminal and run it if you want. A definitely useful point for those who work and earn with the internet.

Calculating the profit this way is very simple, as you don’t need a Mac, let alone a VPS with integrated Linux. In short, technology at 0 cost. Not bad, right?


The content market is SEO is more alive than ever. For a few months now, the demand for people capable of creating content strategies has been growing steadily.

What are they to do? Simply, create a text structure that can capture the reader’s attention and help him explore a topic without being superfluous. In short, a respectable role, which requires experience in SEO and content.

The good news is that ChatGPT can do this job for you. All you need to do is ask to create a text outline for a specific topic, perhaps providing some keywords.

That’s all, you’ll get the result in a matter of seconds. Obviously this is a service that you can resell on the marketplaces dedicated to freelancers.

Debugging for programmers is also a nice way this tool could make you money.


If you are a programmer, one of the applications of ChatGPT that will undoubtedly be useful to you is to help you debug your code and even find some vulnerabilities.

Basically, if you ask ChatGPT to check a piece of code for bugs, it will not only do so, but it will also explain what the bug is and an example of how you can implement a potential fix.

As we all know, time is money for programmers, and in this case, you’ll save a lot.

Furthermore, you can also sell this service to third parties and debug their code for a fee. I’ll just give you a tip: always check the correct code from ChatGPT, as, at the moment, it is not capable of making independent tests on the actual functioning of the same.


Amidst the data revolution, unstructured data is a nuisance. The problem is that they are difficult to sort, manage and organize.

ChatGPT comes to the rescue because it is capable of transforming unstructured data into structured data.

Using this feature of ChatGPT you will save your time and health, as you won’t have to break your head doing the work yourself. If you work as a freelancer to make money from home, you could also offer this service to third parties and get paid.


One of the most popular features of ChatGPT, the hottest language model of the moment, is that you can create text ads in a matter of seconds. We are talking about headings, and descriptions, but also keyword research.

In short, ChatGPT can be used as a real assistant by those involved in PPC and social media advertising. Obviously, remember that some products are not well received by ChatGPT and, therefore, you will not get any suggestions.

These are anyway few and concern only the ethics of a given product. It’s rather strange to talk about “ethics” in a context like this, but still..


YouTube videos are a timeless business and certainly continue to be one of the best ways to make money online right now on the market.

A service that you can use for yourself, or resell, is to create scripts for videos and ideas for titles, directly by chatting with ChatGPT. It will take seconds to get a script on any topic.

Running out of high-quality topics? No problem, tell ChatGPT and he will provide you with an endless list of topics related to your niche that you can cover in your videos.

Creating and selling games made with ChatGPT is a great way to make money thanks to this tool.


On the internet, there are already some examples of games created with ChatGPT. At the moment, these games are rather “ugly”, but in the future, this tool will be able to create ever more modern and evolved games.

Will we see the new Call of Duty created by software like ChatGPT? I don’t know, but you could make money with ChatGPT by creating simple games and selling them on the various stores from which you can download games and apps.

I mean, I already wrote an article about how to make money with apps, but this takes the game to a new level. Try it and let me know what you think.


One of the most underrated markets is that of hashtags for social networks. Social networks like TikTok, for example, rely heavily on these small strings of text, which help videos perform better.

There are several paid sites that allow you to analyze the most used hashtags in certain parts of the world and use them. Perhaps you could take a cue and sell sets of hashtags to interested people? I’d give it a little thought.


One of the funniest things about ChatGPT is to create songs in seconds. A few months ago I wrote about how to make money with Spotify. If you work in this area and have writer’s block, perhaps you could consider it.

Given the right directions, ChatGPT is capable of providing texts in no time, using the style you want. You can get songs that rhyme, romantic, dance or any style you need.

You will obviously be able to resell this service or apply it in other fields such as poetry, the creation of rhymes for children and much more.


We don’t have to hide: the advent of ChatGPT scares many people who work online.

This is because the new technology could, over time, replace some job positions in today’s market.

However, we must think that this is something that has already happened in the past and that, inevitably, it will also happen in the future. Think of those who shod horses and what happened with the advent of automobiles.

The important thing is to stay on top of new technologies, try to adapt, and know how to make the most of them in any area. This also applies to ChatGPT and how it has changed and will change our lives


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